“A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it…”


What is Happening at Venture Stables and what has been happening!


We had East Coast Art Party at Venture Stables !!!! Check Out East Coast Art HERE!!!!

Our Next PAINT NIGHT is FRIDAY JUNE 30th!!!!!! You won’t want to miss this 🙂 Paint and make friends with our Ponies, Goats, Cats , Dogs, Chicken, Bunnies and a HORSE of Course!!!!


Mother’s Day is SUNDAY May 14th Join Fable at the Stable !!!

  • Pony Love

  • Tea and Finger Food

  • Palm and Tea Leaf Readings

  • Massage

  • More Pony Love …..What more could a Mother ask for on Mother’s Day ! A unique way to spend time with that horse LOVER Mother in your family.  For more info click HERE

Friday May 20th SORTING at Northbrook Stables. If you have riding experience and would like to book one of Venture Stables horses to ride over to Northbrok Stables and chase some cows then TEXT (902)-247-0195 or email venturestablespei@gmail.com


Information Day for RIDER LEVEL TESTING is Saturday May 20th at 12:30. Located at Venture Stables ! For more information about this Text (902)247-0195 or Email venturestablespei@gmail.com


Friday May 12th is ADULT NIGHT @ Venture Stables. Must REGISTER !!!!! Text (902) 247-0195 or Email venturestablespei@gmail.com. I get asked a lot “What is Adult Night” ……Here is some info

  • Each Friday Adult night is different!!!

  • Depending on the group we have depends on what we do for adult night…Could be a trail ride, horse play, lesson,grooming,horse soccer and much more. 

  • Start time is 6:30-8:30

  • Yes your an adult and you can have a soda Pop 

  • Couples are encouraged to attend:) Something about the outside of a horse is good for the inside of your heart. 

Summer Venture Camp Schedule !!!!!!

Ask about our WILD WOMAN’S WEEKEND!!!!


Join us  this 2017 at Venture Stables and create some life long memories 🙂

  • Horses for Lease
  • Cattle Sorting 
  • Trails 
  • Overnight Accommodations 
  • Pony Birthday Parties 
  • Riding Lessons 
  • Petty Farm OPEN SUNDAY JUNE 18th from 12-5 



And coming this fall 
  • Youth at Risk Programs 
  • Equine Therapy 
  • Pregnant Horses !!!! and Much more We cant tell you all the exciting news all at once 🙂 Subscribe to our Facebook page HERE  and keep informed of all the events happening 🙂