Anyone who knows me knows my dreams and dreams do come true with persistence, passion and love 💕.
This week has changed me as a person and my journey has been an amazing one. I am full of gratitude and love ❤️ the people that I met will forever be in my heart and I will cherish the time and memories forever. 
I am proud of myself and who I am and for never giving up. 
We don’t know how long our journey is here on the spinning 🌏 I do know that I am here to make a difference for people and animals. 
I love ❤️ helping people and I am so blessed to have horses 🐴 to assist me one hoof at a time one thought At a time. I don’t know where I would be without the love 💝 of the Equine. 
Thank you Gayle Cartier, Janice Boucher and everyone at Cartier Farms. You Are an inspiration. Thank you for being a part of my Journey. I am honoured. 
Venture Stables here we go!!!! Programs will began September 2017

Where horses 🐴 do the teaching. 
When the whole world tells you to give up, the horse 🐴 will whisper “try it one more time” 
Jasmine Starr Bastarache 

Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.