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Virtual Ranch Visit

Quick Details

Adult Ages 19+
Private Group All Ages

Connect with Our Horses Virtually!

Meet us online and learn all about horses!

Located in the heart of Prince Edward Island is Venture Stables, home to over 30 different horses of all breeds and sizes.

With the current travel restrictions, we’re offering live virtual rides. Horses are amazing at helping us stay grounded and balanced, so don’t miss this opportunity to try this.

Join us for a one-hour virtual horse ranch experience.

What We Do

  • Feed horses breakfast or supper depending on your booking.
  • Take horses out in the mornings or bring them in at night.
  • Meet and greet Gloria, our 800-pound family pig, and Scarlett, our mini pig.
  • Meet our goats Queen Lillian, Fiona, and Little Guy.
  • Meet lots of kittens!
  • Meet Tom Cruise the turkey.

Virtually experience life on a working horse ranch!

We teach you how to care for horses and how you can learn the language of the horse. Learn how to communicate with horses, work safely with them, groom, and get a horse ready to ride and see P.E.I. on horseback!

This experience is great for people of all ages. You will feel like you are on the farm. You will have lots of learning opportunities, and we encourage you to ask questions!

Horses have so much to teach us about living in the present moment. Horses have the ability to heal our hearts.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man” ~Winston Churchill

No refunds within a week (7 days) of the reservation date.

  • No refund will be available. Guests may reschedule.
  • Please allow yourself ample time to reach us. Feel free to use google maps and find Venture Stables for directions.