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Programs & Services

Here at Venture Stables, we strive to offer many fun and exciting opportunities for our riders to learn new skills and improve on what they already know.  We also offer various events for our brand-new, beginners riders as well as for those who just want to learn a little more about horses and stable life.

a man riding a horse in the dirt

Throughout the year, it isn’t uncommon for an idea to strike and a whole new unique event or program to come around.  We’re already very excited in planning a Fall retreat focusing on the stress-relieving capabilities of our equine family.

Our events and services are not offered solely for children.  Although we do use the terms “kid” and “child” often, please keep in mind that we are also referring to those big kids at heart.

Please take a look at some of the current programs and services that we are offering.  Our upcoming camps can be found on our News page!

Do you have an idea for something wonderful to add to our current list of Programs and Services?  Please let us know!

Horseback Riding Events

All About Horses

Equine Assited Learning