Wild Woman’s Weekend Retreat

     June 25th-June 27th, 2021

2020 has been a year of massive change and so we invite you to join us at Venture Stables for a weekend of resetting, honoring, and celebrating where we are in our lives with the horses as our guides.

Meet the horse and learn how to connect to them.

Create energetic boundaries with the horse. Horses love leaders.

Horses mirror your energy back to you, read the horse to see if you can ride them.

Meet the Horses

So, you have always thought about owning a horse but were afraid of the hidden expenses of ownership or the limited time you might have to spend with your horse.  Why not get the best of both worlds, join our team and lease one of our horses?! 

Horse Connection 101

Are you afraid of horses?

We’ll cover the basics of being around horses, so you get over your fear and join us one day!

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