Horses for lease @ Venture Stables

Leasing a horse  offers a solution to people who want to enjoy a horse but don’t have the means to own a horse at that moment in time.  This program allows people to “test ride” the horse lifestyle and see if it truly is the dream they want.

Signing up for the horse lease Program is a great way to spend more time riding horses and enjoying extra time at the barn with other like minded people.

The biggest advantage of being a part of the Horse lease  Program is that you get more horse time without the commitment of purchasing your own horse.  You get to experience the horse lifestyle and all its benefits; in such a way that the commitments are easily met and not so overwhelming.

With our Horse Lease  Program you get to choose a package that suits your lifestyle.  We will match you up with a horse that best meets your dreams.  You get to “share own” your horse for the set price agreed upon in the package of your choosing; without being responsible for any of the additional costs that go with owning a horse.

Our dream is to help people enjoy horses, participate at a comfortable level, and get lots of fun and safe horsey time.

Horse Lease  Package One

Half Lease: Includes 3 Rides per week


Horse Lease  Package Two

Full Lease: Includes 6 Rides per week


Meet our Horses available for the Horse Share Program 


7 year old Quarter Horse.  Chesney has been with our Venture Stables family since only 4 months old.  Great for English or Western Riding!



7 year old blue eyed Pony.  Sophia loves to jump and would be perfect for an English rider.


7 year old Quarter Horse Morgan.  Passion can be very affectionate and loves to give kisses. She can be ridden English or Western.



16 year old Quarter Horse.  Doc was Larry’s favorite fella and is Venture Stables BEST Lesson horse.   Doc is a retired reining horse and does a wonderful job of teaching new kids the basic skills of horsemanship.

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14 year old Paint Draft Mare.  Payton strives for attention and loves anyone who brings her apple treats.  She is a great horse to teach patience and attentiveness.  Payton can be ridden Western or English.



15 year old Red Dun.  Jazzy is a retired barrel and pole horse.  She is quite the spitfire- wild and free.  Jazzy is on her second wind here at Venture and loves speed.  She’s teaching kids and new riders the importance of controlling your horse and knowing how to ride and not be ridden.

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